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K2 Best Practice, Part 1: Blackpearl Workflow - Datalytyx SmartBox. SmartBox is recommended for storing temporary data. It is best practice to create a custom SQL database and use the K2 SQL Service Object to build SmartObjects around the stored procedures, views and tables so that you can then easily access your Smartforms and K2 processes. Customizing Destination Rules - K2 Create 3 new destination queues in K2.net 2003 Studio as illustrated in the image below: Configure each Destination Rule by dragging the respective group from the Data Source to the Send To item in the destination queue list. Right click on the Activity and select Properties, click on the Destination Rule option.

Using ForEach loop. Using Destination Rule (Plan Per Slot (no Destinations)). Our motive here is to find out which one is faster in execution.In this step, Add For each Event, and click on the icon beside source text box and selected the Smart Object Method that will return us list of Items.

Each event in the activity is repeated for each destination, and then K2 moves on to the next event in the activity and repeats that event for each destination. This planning option specifies that all destinations will get the task at the same time (Parallel). Any one of the destination users can open the task and complete it. A Static State: K2.net Process Sizing and Performance Best ... A unique activity instance will always be created for an activity slot. This will result in the data value being created and stored for each individual activity instance. Use activity data fields when you need to pass data between activities and events or when each destination user requires their own unique value. Category: K2 Smartforms - GreenEggs on K2

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Activity Instances - K2 Login You can then create a Destination Rule and list the managers as the Destination for the Activity. K2.net 2003 Server will send each of the four managers a copy of the work item defined in ... K2 Create A Slot For Each Destination - Casino Near Glen Ivy K2 Create A Slot For Each Destination; If not are there any k2 create a slot for each destination future plans on it? poker aluminum case! Feedback Form Script Collect feedback from your website visitors and clients! Assigning a slot for each user in a group - K2 Community K2 blackpearl - Articles > Assigning a slot for each user in a group Options Article History Subscribe to RSS Feed Mark as New Mark as Read Bookmark Subscribe ...

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How to loop through a list entity to ... - K2 Knowledge Center The Plan per slot (no destinations) destination option can be used to return a list from a SmartObject in order to perform action on individual items. This article can only be used with K2 4.5 or later versions where Inline Functions are available. More than 1 slot and use of "Create a slot for eac... - K2 ... #1 Plan per destination: Plan Just Once #2 Specify the number of slots to be created: 2 #3 Create a slot for each role and group. (I guess this is N/A when Plan Just Once is used) The destination is assigned to a role and there is only 1 role. Activity Instances - K2 You can set the number of Activity slots to 4 using the Limit the number of slots to option in the Activity General properties. You can then create a Destination Rule and list the managers as the Destination for the Activity. K2.net 2003 Server will send each of the four managers a copy of the work item defined in the selected Activity.

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K2 Interview Questions: Workflows, Part 1 (Advance) Use advanced destination rules (Plan per Slot, No Destinations) to allow one Parent workflow to start multiple Children.K2 creates separate copies of the Activity Instance for each destination.Plan per destination – One at a Time : K2 will execute the events in the activity for each destination in... Hello, how to create a for-loop that's applying on each