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Kniphofia - red-hot pokers/RHS Gardening / RHS Gardening Red-hot pokers make rewarding and often long-lived garden plants. Their distinctively-shaped blooms are among the most spectacular of hardy flowers, and their long season means that by careful plant choice gardeners can enjoy them between spring and late autumn.

Pick Perennials | New Mexico Landscape and Garden Plants You must cut this one back in winter. No blooms but great lacy foliage. An interesting addition to any landscape. 2' tall x 3' wide. Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia):  ... Cutting Back Red Hot Poker Plants: Tips On Pruning A Red Hot Poker Plant Red hot poker plants are exotic beauties in the garden, but extremely easy to grow. The bright, wand-like flowers are beloved by hummingbirds and always please gardeners with their low-maintenance ways. Should I Cut Off the Old Bloom on Hot Pokers? | Home Guides | SF Gate Cut back the foliage to within 3 inches of the ground, but avoid cutting into the crown where the leaves emerge from the root system. Resume weekly deadheading once the red hot poker begins ... Cut back kniphofia foliage? — Forum |

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Cut back the foliage almost to ground level when the leaves wither and die back. ... Kniphofias (Red Hot Pokers), Dahlias and ornamental grasses where they ... When To Cut Back Foliage Of Spring Flowering Bulbs | What Grows ... Apr 7, 2018 ... At this time cutback the all stems and leaves about an inch above the ... Once the pansies have finished flowering in the heat of late spring, you ... Drought Tolerant - Walters Gardens Cut back to 6 in. in spring before new growth begins. ... sun or part shade, but the foliage will not be as lush and fewer ... (RED HOT POKER). Kniphofia is a sun ... After the frost, what to do? - Davis Enterprise

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How to Care for Red Hot Poker Plants | Garden Guides Plant your Red Hot Pokers in a location with full sun and well-draining soil in the spring, after the soil has warmed up and all danger of frost has passed.Cut away all the dead or damaged foliage from the Red Hot Poker plants in the early spring. You can also cut the plant down to its base in late fall. Popsicle Series Red Hot Poker | Red Hot Poker | Kniphofia |… These popsicle series red hot pokers are all dwarf and long blooming in bright colors. They're drought tolerant while attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.Perfect for containers now, borders, rocky slopes, cut flower, or those hard to grow and water areas. Kniphofia uvaria--Red-Hot-Poker, Torch Lily, Poker Plant Poker Plant needs adequate room and produces bright yellow and orange flowers which give the impression of heated metal.The plant is not reliably hardy so needs winter protection. The foliage is evergreen and any dead foliage can be cut off in the spring. How to Grow Red Hot Poker

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Other common names Rooper's red-hot poker Family Asphodelaceae Genus Kniphofia may be evergreen or herbaceous perennials, with linear or strap-shaped leaves and erect stems bearing a dense raceme of tubular ... Perennial Plants to Garden & Prune in the Spring Suggested Perennial Plants to Prune in the Spring Artemisia Most Artemisia don’t like being pruned in the fall. ... Red-Hot Poker (Kniphofia) You can trim back the foliage as it begins to decline, but don’t cut it back entirely. The crown is very sensitive to cold ... How to grow: kniphofia - Telegraph - How to grow: kniphofia Recently rescued from the hortcultural doldrums, Matthew Wilson just loves red-hot pokers ... Red-hot pokers are such excellent garden plants that it is hard to imagine they have ever been out of fashion. But they have only recently begun ... Planting Red Hot Pokers - How To Care For A Red Hot Poker Plant

More compact than older Red Hot Pokers, this selection is perfect for small spaces and containers. Homeowner Growing and Maintenance TipsPrefers well-drained soils. Prune off spent flower stalks to encourage more bloom. Cut back old foliage just above ground level in late winter. Red hot poker (Kniphofia 'Brimstone') | Perennials |…