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Monster Shrine. This is the place to find pictures of all the monsters in the Game Boy Color version of Azure Dreams! Just a few notes: 1. Yes, Mushrom and Pumpkinn ... DreamSpark: Free Azure usage for Students - Build Azure

QUESTS and BUILDING PROJECTS Guru's pot (15th floor) Blue Cape (20th floor) Water medal (25th floor) Healing Herb (around floors 27, 28 or 29) (In no particular order) Enlarging your house ... Azure Dreams – Hardcore Gaming 101 Azure Dreams for the PlayStation wasn’t exactly a hot seller, but Konami decided to port it to the Game Boy Color, possibly to cash-in on the Pokémon craze.While still having the same premise and plot as Azure Dreams, the downsized version has a number of changes.. The graphics are now all 2D, obviously, with all the characters turned into squat little blobs. Retro Game Cheats - Azure Dreams (PS1) Retro Game Cheats for Azure Dreams (PlayStation) Effect: Refill life. When: During game. ... Use the "Racetrack cheat" to get enough money for a casino. Then, play the slots. ... bet with the maximum amount of money for each spin to quickly build your total. Build a casino and go to the room with the big spinner. Bet a gold piece on blue.

For Azure Dreams on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by BSauls.

Azure Dreams Strategy Guide for PlayStation by JTamangan ... Sep 26, 1998 ... The Town making (first really observed in Breath of Fire 2) is extremely cool, with you being able to build a theatre, Racing circuit, casino and ... Azure Dreams Cheats - PlayStation Cheats Wiki Guide - IGN Mar 14, 2017 ... To win a lot of money, you must first build a casino. After building a casino, go to the tower (get out and go in again if you need to) until you get ... Azure Dreams Part #30 - I wish gambling was this easy. Part 30: I wish gambling was this easy. And here are our two new monsters for the update. Johnny is going to stay behind while I have plans for Samus here.

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Azure Dreams, released in Japan as Other Life: Azure Dreams (アザーライフ アザードリームス Azā Raifu Azā Dorīmusu), is a PlayStation video game developed by Konami and was originally released... Azure Dreams – Hardcore Gaming 101

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I don't know if anyone here has played Azure Dreams for the PSX, but it was one of my favorite games back in the day. With the recent announcement of the bathhouse, it reminded me of the game once again! ... I think there was a Casino but I'm not sure as it's been a long time sense I plaid that game. Kairon156, Jan 29, ... I love me some Dreams ... Instruction Manual - Guide for Azure Dreams on PlayStation ... In this mysterious world there is a desert town called "Monsbaiya" and close by is the forbidding towering structure called "The Monster Tower". Azure Dreams is a role-playing game that takes place within this setting. The hero is a Monster Tamer. He has a hidden power that has still not been revealed yet.

Azure Dreams is a JRPG Roguelike made by Konami. I'll be doing an SSLP since there really is no big benefit to a video on this game.And just why is that? Azure Dreams manages to strike a balance between the painfully hard "traditional" roguelikes and the much easier and more modern "Mystery...

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